Get tickets before they are gone


The Canton Palace Theatre and Vans Photos are offering a history and photography tour of the Canton Palace at 5:30 PM on November 1. This is a rare opportunity and the facility will be set to provide you with shots you may never otherwise be able to capture. Check out all the details using the link below

Palace Tour


Cemeteries worth the road trip

Mental Floss posted an article today listing significant cemeteries across the USA. I hope you enjoy the read. Here is a link directly to the story.

Cemeteries article

Cody Wyoming ghost town museum


Canton Palace Theatre Ghost Hunt Tonight!

Come join the volunteers of Team SPECTRE and NCPD at the Canton Palace Theater tonight for a creepy fun event. We welcome ghost hunting veterans as well as “never done this before” but wanting to learn. We don’t rig-up frights but we have had a few. Whatever happens, happens. Come join us on a great fun night doing something different in a beautiful historic experiential theater that is even more amazing when you get to wander about until 2 AM. For more info, call the Canton Palace Box office or use the link below:

Kent Stage Ghost Walks and Ghost Hunt

Team SPECTRE will be volunteering at the Kent Stage in Kent Ohio for the annual family friendly ghost walks. The Kent Stage is additionally offering ghost hunts at The Kent Stage on the nights of October 13 and 14. Come join us to enjoy the walk, the hunt, or to learn how to hunt.

For more information and ticket reservations, please use the link below.

Kent Stage Ghost Walks & Hunts

Historical Event This Weekend September 9-10, 2017

This is a copy and re posting from Google+ that we wanted to support. Below in italics is the post from Google+

If we fail to remember history, we cannot teach our future leaders.   This is just one of the many reasons why SPECTRE supports historical locations. 


“Elizabeth Harvey First Free Black School
Preserving history not only tells us where we’ve been, but shows us the direction in which we are going.
My home town played an important role in not only the Underground Railroad established by abolitionists as a means to combat the evils of slavery… But was on the front lines in civil rights as is evidenced by having established the first free Blacks and Native American school in not just Ohio, but in the Northwest Territory.

For more information ….

Black History is American history… Come celebrate this Septembers Fall Festival open house! Sat. Sept. 16 from 11 am – 6 pm – Harveysburg Fall Fest and open house at the Elizabeth Harvey First Free Black School – 23 North Street, Harveysburg, Ohio
.. Hope to see you there!!

Or view the museum throughout the year by appointment only.

I might add that besides the obvious significance of the building and grounds , there too can be found here a repository of Harveysburg and Massie Township’s history as well.

Not one person has ever profited financially as we are strictly a volunteer group; relying on donations alone… 100% of which goes towards historical preservation, gas and electric bill, building maintenance​, etc.)”

Screenshot-2017-9-8 Elizabeth Harvey First Free Black School Preserving history not only tells